Dog Bites

According to the website ‘Animals 24/7, the following breeds are the most likely to bite humans. In fact, these dogs, which comprise only 9.2% of the total population of canines cause 86% of the attacks that cause bodily harm:

1. Pit bulls
2. Rottweilers
3. Presa canarios
4. Cane corsos
5. Mastiffs
6. Dogo argentinos
7. Fila brasieros
8. Sharpeis

9. Boxers
10. Mixes of the above.

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Today in about 18 states, domestic dog owners are strictly liable if his or her dog bites a person. Strict liability sets a standard normally utilized for “ultra-hazardous activities such as…keeping dangerous animals. Of course, the vast majority of dogs are not dangerous animals, but everyday hundreds of people around the US are bitten badly enough to seek medical attention. That is why we offer legal funding for dog bite lawsuit settlements.

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