Settlement FAQ

Lawsuit Settlement Funding FAQ

Have a question about lawsuit settlement funding and structured settlements? At Justice Law Fund, we keep things simple, so you easily understand your options. Here are out most frequently asked questions:

According to Wikipedia, Pre Settlement Funding is a cash advance intended to provide funds to the plaintiff in a lawsuit prior to the cases final resolutions in a court decision or settlement in order to assist plaintiffs with immediate financial and other needs.

You can receive anywhere from $1,000 to 1,000,000 depending on the nature of your case

We take all the risk by investing in the outcome of your case. As the plaintiff you only pay if you win your case! No upfront loads or hidden fees. Even the evaluation of your lawsuit settlement is, you guessed it, FREE!

We offer cash advances for a myriad of cases, from workman’s comp to car accidents, from dog bites to mesothelioma including most types of personal injury cases. Click here for a list of settlement case types

This is NOT A LOAN. You are simply selling a part of the future proceeds of your lawsuit. Unlike a loan, if you should lose your case, you owe us nothing.

Once you are approved by Justice Law Fund, we will create a contract between you and your lawyer. The agreement will set forth the total amount of your cash advance along with your post-settlement monthly repayment schedule. You will begin making payments back to Justice Law Fund if you win your case and owe nothing should you not have a successful outcome.

Once Justice Law Fund receives your application, you will receive a decision within 48 hours and your cash settlement within 24 hours after that.

The risk is solely on the part of Justice Law Fund. We are investing in the outcome of your case. If you happen to lose your case, you don’t owe us any legal fees. We take all the risk, so you can’t lose.