Product Liability

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Pre Settlement Funding for Product Liability Lawsuits
Looking for a cash advance from the future proceeds of your product-liability lawsuit?

When a consumer is injured by a product that they purchased, the consumer has a right to seek compensation under product liability laws. Businesses, including designers, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers, can be held responsible for injuries a consumer receives from a product that they produced, distributed or sold.

Injury Victims Suffer More Than Just Physical Pain

When a person suffers an injury, they also endure many other hardships besides their physical pain. Loss of income can place an unmeasurable amount of stress and hardship on an injury victim. Bills still must be paid.

This hardship can become even more unbearable as the case moves through the system. Product liability cases can take one or more years to complete, leaving the injury victim on a very difficult financial position.

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Financial Help For The Product Liability Victim

There are options for product liability victims to help them through this difficult financial time. Justice Law Fund offers pre settlement funding to injury victims based on the potential outcome of their case. Injury victims can access part of their settlement money prior to the case closing by using this type of financial tool.

This program offers:

• No Credit Check. Your funding will be repaid to Justice Law Fund when your case finalizes. Because of this, credit scores are not an issue.

• No Employment Requirements. We understand that you have been injured and may not be able to work. We are here to help.

• Quick Approval. Most cash advances can be approved within 48 hours.

There is no reason why you should continue to suffer financial hardships while you are waiting for your case to settle. Justice Law Fund can help you with a pre settlement cash advance, and relieve some of the stress that comes from being the plaintiff in a product liability lawsuit. Call us today at (800) 600-6330.