Lawsuit Settlement Funding

Pre Settlement Funding: An Overview

Pre Settlement Funding: An Overview

There are millions of injured people that get involved in personal injury cases each and every year. These cases take time to move through the system and settle. That leaves you, the injured party, in a quandary. Significant injuries may have left you without the ability to generate the amount of income you need to support yourself or your family. Without a solid income or the simple ability to pay out your basic day-to-day living expenses, you may be forced to change your lifestyle, or even lose your home! That is no longer the case. You now have a NEW option: Apply for pre settlement funding.

Pre settlement legal funding provides a cash advance to you, the plaintiff in a lawsuit, prior to your case being resolved by court decision or settlement. Ready to start? Just call (800) 600-6330 or apply now.

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Legal Funding Solutions

Just under a decade ago, before the existence of pre settlement lawsuit funding and companies like Justice Law Fund, being out of work because of an injury or the negligence of somebody else meant being in some very serious financial trouble ( in addition to the pain and suffering of the actual injury ). Back then, without legal finance or pre settlement lawsuit funding, people would have to survive the fall out of a personal inury by whatever means possible, even if that meant getting help from their family, racking up credit card debt, or even settling their case early just in order to get some quick cash and avoid having their financial lives ruined.

Luckily, there is a solution TODAY…Justice Law Fund! Pre lawsuit settlement companies such as Justice Law Fund provide injured parties with new financial options. Justice Law Fund provides injured people like you or your loved ones the cash they need right now, giving their attorney the time they need to work towards getting a just and fair settlement. You may use the cash for whatever you see fit: daily expenses, bills, home improvements etc. ( where you use your cash advance is completely up to you ).

We Are Here For YOU

You’ve found yourself at our site for a specific reason. Maybe you’re doing research on legal finance or are going to need financial help in the future. Whatever the reason, you’ve come to the right place, as we’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you might have, so ask away; the best customers are those that aren’t afraid to educate themselves on a given topic.

If you’re ready to apply for litigation finance / pre settlement funding, then Justice Law Fund is here for you. We’ll get you an answer FAST, often same day, and will wire your pre settlement advance to your account within 24 – 48 hours
( sometimes less ). We’re here to help! Just call (800) 600-6330 or apply now and one of our friendly lawsuit funding consultants will answer any and all of your questions. Contact us today!

The 4 Steps in the Pre Settlement Funding Process…

1. You contact us via phone, email or filling out our inquiry form, provide your attorneys name, sign a authorization form

2. We collect your injury case information from your attorney

3. We review your case

4. We send you your cash advance!!


Start the process now by clicking here to apply or calling us at (800) 600-6330.