Legal Funding for Patent Infringement

Legal Funding for Patent Infringement Lawsuits

Has your patent been infringed upon? Are you starting or in the middle of a long patent infringement lawsuit? If so, you may want to consider obtaining a cash advance against the proceeds from the settlement of your case. We call this ‘pre settlement legal funding’.

“The median damages award is $4.3 million in patent infringement lawsuits for the most recent four-year period”

It’s bad enough to have your intellectual property infringed upon. You should not have to suffer additional harm because of a lack of ‘cash flow’. Why not consider receiving a cash advance while you are awaiting the outcome of your patent infringement case?

“The definition of ‘patent infringement’ varies by jurisdiction and locale, but normally includes using or selling the patented invention.”

Receiving some will allow you to continue your business pursuits, continue your research and development on other projects, and allow you some ‘breathing room’ to allow you to operate in a more financially secure manner.

Justice Law Fund will provide you legal funding by following our simple ‘4 Step Legal Funding Process’. We often can obtain approval for you in 48 hours or less! Remember, If you do not win, you owe us nothing.

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