Pre Settlement Funding for Jones Act Labor Lawsuits

Jones Act Labor Lawsuits

Pre Settlement Funding for Jones Act Labor Lawsuits

If you’re a seaman and you’ve filed a personal injury lawsuit under the Jones Act, then it’s probably been awhile since your case was first accepted. Depending on the length of time you’ve been waiting to hear from your case attorney regarding your case status, you’re also probably experiencing some financial difficulties. Justice Law Fund has made provisions to relieve the financial pressures of personal injury victims with pre settlement cash advances.

4 Step Application Process

If you need cash immediately, Justice Law Fund can evaluate the viability of your Jones Act case to let you know if you qualify for a cash advance. The approval process and amount will be based on a number of factors such as liability, damages, solvency, contingency lawyer fees, and state of residence. If approved, you can receive your cash advance within 72 hours. Additionally, if your case does not settle in your favor, you are not obligated to pay back the cash advance. However, if you have a positive outcome, a repayment schedule will be created for you.

Why Choose Justice Law Fund?

The process of recovery from a personal injury can be very lengthy and the length of the litigation process can be equally distressful. This is due to the investigation process and the volume of cases your local judicial system must settle. However, in the process you don’t have to fore go paying your living expenses until your Jones Act case settles. Justice Law Fund can help you meet your financial obligations with a pre settlement cash advance that is feasible. The application process is free and there are no upfront fees. A lawsuit settlement consultant will also inform you about contract terms and the repayment process.