Do You Have a Pending Lawsuit in Florida?

Pending Lawsuit | Justice Law Fund

If you have suffered an injury and are in the midst of a personal injury lawsuit in the state of Florida, then Justice Law Fund is ready to advance you cash in anticipation of the positive settlement of your case.

A case like yours takes time to move through Florida’s legal system. Florida state has thousands of personal injury cases moving through the system at any one time so it may take months or years for a personal injury case to settle. That may leave you without enough income to pay your bills and pay for basic day-to-day living expenses. Perhaps your car or even your mortgage is falling behind in payments?

Get Cash Now

Why Extend Your Suffering? Florida residents now have a NEW option: Pre-Settlement Lawsuit Funding. And we make it easy for you to apply for pre settlement funding. We’re here to help! Just contact our friendly and knowledgeable lawsuit funding specialists at (800) 600.6330.